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Geospatial React!

This past Wednesday, I gave a presentation at the React Philly Meetup about using React and Leaflet to make mapping applications. The talk was titled “Geospatial React!” and it covered some common, if quirky, design patterns I’ve encountered and used while using React + Leaflet to build GIS web applications. You can check out the slides for the presentation at!

I made them using reveal.js, which turned out to be a very pleasant-to-use tool. I picked it because it enabled me to write the presentation in HTML, CSS, Markdown, and JavaScript as appropriate & to set up a TravisCI build job which would deploy changes to master automatically.

To accompany the presentation, I also made a sandbox project to use to spin up a React + Leaflet application quickly to try out. The sandbox project’s GitHub repo is, and it’s also deployed to if you’d like to take a look!